Cultivating Your Critter I.Q.

​"The Gees collaborated with my friends at Hawthorne Coffee Roasters to deliver the best birthday surprise ever- a visit from a sloth! What a magical day!" – Claire

​"Absolutely recommend!! Very friendly people who helped make dreams come true tonight! Meeting the sloth was better than I could have imagined! If you’re thinking of booking them, do it! Thank you for the wonderful experience!" - Courtney

​"Aaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbiiiiiissssssssshhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Nikki

What People Are Saying

"My heart is full now that I finally got to meet Abish! I have been admiring her on Facebook for a while now and meeting her was such a wonderful experience! Kathy and David were so kind and knowledgeable. They really love their animals. They brought Abish to my Mom's house for a birthday surprise (planned by my husband) It was so awesome to be able to feed and pet her and be so close! What an excellent birthday! Thank you so much GEE Funny Farm! You guys are awesome! – Sarah

Right now the only animal that falls into this category is Abish, our two-toed sloth. In the future you may see Sherah the striped skunk and Mordecai the fox here as well.

Because of the unique opportunity to meet a sloth, encounters cost more. You can't hold Abish, but if you are in a group of 4 or less, or if you are the special person (birthday, graduate, etc.), you can feed her as well.

Specialty Animal


Abish can be pet while she is being fed. She is usually cooperative for about 45 minutes. 

At your location: To add Abish to another package starts at an additional $200. To have only Abish starts at $300 on weekdays and $350 on Saturdays.

At GEE Funny Farm: to add Abish to your visit starts at an additional $200. To meet only Abish starts at $250.