GEE Funny Farm

Our Animal Helpers

Did you know that animals are very important to us?

They give us fiber for clothes we wear and for blankets that keep us warm.  They give us feathers that help to insulate our jackets or comforters and to make our bed soft.  They give us milk to drink and eggs to eat.  They eat bugs that might eat fruit or vegetables that we need.

Come and meet some of the amazing animals that help us in our everyday lives!

GEE Funny Farm

Fact or Fiction

 Let's read a story (or two, or three) and discuss what is fact and what is fiction.  Can parrots talk and know what they are saying?  Does the mother emu sit on the egg? Do goats really eat garbage?

​Come learn about an animal or two through story and discussion and then meet that species.

Cultivating Your Critter I.Q.

GEE Funny Farm

Merry Christmas

What could be better than the Christmas story and a couple of 'stable' animals and a shepherd?

Possibilities? A mini donkey, goats, sheep, a goose, a chicken. While we don't have a camel, we do have a South American camelid, a llama, who could stand in.

As a bonus,  one of our handlers dresses as a shepherd and is in the corral with the animals.

Before or after, or during breaks, your visitors can come by the corral to meet the animals.

GEE Funny Farm

Animals From Around the World

Meet animals originally found in Africa, South America, Europe, Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, or North America.  Learn where they live and what they eat.  Then have an opportunity to pet them.

GEE Funny Farm

Safe Practices Around Animals

We will explain how to handle the animals in a way that is safe for the participants and the animals presented.  

We'll talk about how to approach animals in different situations and what works  with one animal, but not another.

"It was fun being around the animals because I knew none of them would hurt me."  - Lexi, age 12

GEE Funny Farm

Critter Care

Do you want a duckling for Easter?  Do you want a horse of your very own?  Do you want a rabbit?  

Come and meet the animals and learn what is involved in their care.  We'll talk about housing, food, training, veterinary bills, grooming, and more. 

GEE Funny Farm Presentations

More than a petting zoo, GEE Funny Farm presents age-appropriate information about animals to participants to cultivate their critter I.Q.  How do you touch the animal presented? What does it eat? Where is it originally from?  How long does it live?  What do we do to enrich its life at GEE Funny Farm?  After presenting the animal, participants have the opportunity to pet it.  

​We have some suggestions for presentations, but would love to talk about what would be most meaningful for your group.

For groups larger than 20, contact us about how we can set up for you!

GEE Funny Farm

Mother Goose and Feathered Friend

Kathy, dressed in appropriate Mother Goose attire, will come to your location with a book and feathered friend in tow.  After reading the book, participants will have an opportunity to pet the bird and pose for pictures.

GEE Funny Farm

We Are Thankful for Animals

Invite 3-4 of the small to medium-sized GEE Funny Farm animals to your Thanksgiving gathering!

Learn why we are thankful for the different animals.

GEE Funny Farm

Animal Training

How do animal trainers teach animals to do tricks, to behave for the veterinarian, to stand for grooming, or to do other things that pets and zoo animals have to do to stay healthy and happy?

Come and give operant

conditioning a try. After practicing with a clicker and working with a partner, you can try your new skill with an animal of Kathy's choice.  

Ten person maximum for this activity.  Suggested for teens and older.