GEE Funny Farm loves libraries! We love research! We love to meet with book lovers and animal lovers!

We can:

  •  add a video/slide presentation
  • work with you to suggest books about the animals we bring
  • talk about authors, scientists, research

We love it all! We love to learn from the participants, too. We believe learning is a life-long and fun process!

 We arrive to set-up 30-60 minutes early, depending on animals and set-up requirements. We clean up as we go and stay and conclude cleanup afterwards. We’ve had 20 animals inside a building and been invited back--our clean-up is that good!

What People Have Said:

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"Thank you for coming! I’m very happy it worked out and the patrons loved having the opportunity to meet all  the cool animals. I will pass along your name to my colleagues. I would love to have you back in the future and would be interested in hearing your ideas for new events! Have a great rest of your summer." - Jessica


"The GEE Funny Farm people are kind and gentle and wise, and this is communicated to all of their animals, who are very very happy and well-socialized. I saw them at the Tippecanoe Library to celebrate International Sloth Day (the day before). I'm so glad that I went (after reading about the event in a newspaper) because I got to interact with a sloth, a Flemish hare, a tortoise, a sugar glider, a rooster and a hen, and the air was electrified with excitement as children lined up to see these animals and experience them!" - Christina

"...thanks again for an awesome program! I can’t wait for the one next month! -  Jennifer

Pricing is based on number of animals, size of animals, length of time for event, whether it is a weekday or Saturday, how many handlers we provide, and other factors.

Typical library events start at $400 for an hour with 5-7 small/medium sized animals and two handlers on weekdays. Every event is different -- we'd love to talk about your situation and provide a customized quote for you!

 YAY!  I'm so excited to have you back [at Aram Public Library] again this year!  (I'm going to make it happen every darn year I can!)" - Katherine

"I'm on a computer at the Tippecanoe Library in Milwaukee, WI, where (in honor of International Sloth Day) I just saw a presentation from GEE Funny Farm and got to pet a sloth (a female who hung from a pole and was being fed lettuce), a hedgehog, a Flemish hare, a sugar glider, a tortoise (the shell keeps growing until it's a foot long! and was beautiful in its green design with yellow dots) and a rooster and a chicken! How wonderful, and all around were children and their parents also experiencing the (very tame) animals and being educated about them. What an unusual experience!" – Christina

Cultivating Your Critter I.Q.