"This is not a 'normal petting zoo.'  This is an educational up close encounter with animals you would see in a zoo. The instructor, Kathy, loves to share her knowledge with every one in attendance. Our group consisted of infants through young elementary students with adults and everyone had a blast!  My girls asked me this morning to go back to the farm.  Thank you for such a memorable experience Kathy and the GEE Funny Farm!  We can't wait to go back!"  - Jessica

Angora Goat


What People Have Said

"This is such a great experience for children (and adults)! The Gees are quick to respond to messages, very organized with your requests, and engaging presenters. It is well worth the price! We will be booking again. " -  Andrea

Patagonian Mara


""​​What an amazing time! My clients were engaged the whole time with learning and laughter. We will be back!" – Connie

Animals You Can Only See and Interact With at the Farm

We're headed for GEE Funny Farm where birds, no matter the feather, flock together!

We've had birthday parties, daycares, summer camps, dates, and more at GEE Funny Farm. We've had small, intimate groups, and larger groups that we've had a presentation and a hayride going at the same time (the group is split into two groups and they switch activities half-way through). 

​Any of the animals that travel are available for presentations at the Farm. And there are some animals you can only see at the Farm!

We have a presentation of up to 8 animals and there is a hayride.

Additional Animals You Might See on the Hayride


Eunice or Eurastus

Events at Farm

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your passion for animals, and sharing YOUR animals with us."- Sherry





"We were part of a homeschool group that visited the farm. The staff was extremely friendly, genuinely enjoyed educating the kids, and humored them with that their questions and comments. Would definitely recommend to any group! - Amy

"We had such a wonderful time at GEE funny farm! We took our girl scout troop and this was one of the best outings we have taken our girls too!! They learned all about how animals help us from fur, meat, milk ect. They even got to touch all the animals. The owners were such nice people and you could tell they really enjoyed teaching the kids! Would definitely recommend!" – Rebecca

Weekdays: it is $10 per person (anyone 2 and older) with a MINIMUM charge of $150..

Saturdays: it is $10/each (anyone 2 and older) with a minimum of $200.

Groups often bring snacks or lunch for after the presentation and hayride. People are usually here between 2-3 hours.

"We loved visiting this small, comfortable farm. The instructor was kind, knowledgeable and careful with animals and children. This is perfect for small groups such as childcare centers and elementary school classes.

 We were able to get up close to the animals, touch them, and learn about them. We had a blast!"  - Marcia

Cultivating Your Critter I.Q.

"You did it again! All of our participants who came to your farm last month can only rave about how wonderful it was and how much fun they had. I've already been asked the question, 'When can we go again?'" - Maurae - activity specialist

Pygmy Goat Buck