Cultivating Your Critter I.Q.



" Kathy and David are AMAZING! They are so knowledgeable, kind and truly love their animals! THANK YOU for making our K4/K5 100 Days of School/Grandparents Day so special! We will be seeing you again!" - Maiv 

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"Thanks, GEE Funny Farm, for another great field trip. My homeschool group really enjoyed all the animals and the fun hayride. Thanks again. I highly recommend anyone to have you come and show off and educate them on the animals." - Karie


"​​You know, I didn't watch you. I was watching the kids. They were happy and engaged. That tells me that it went well." - ​Warren, Summer Day Camp Director


"Thanks GEE Funny Farm for providing a fun informative program for the kids and adults as well!! Especially grateful for the last minute accommodations. You rock!! - Tracey 

"GEE Funny Farm came to our daycare center today and it was amazing! All of our kids are under age 5 and they sat for over an hour! The animals were a hit - we will definitely be having them back!" - Sarah


"​​GEE Funny Farm came to our school for our 100 Day Celebration/Grandparents Day and they were AMAZING! My favorite memory of all time will always be Neum the Julianna mini pig squealing through the hallway, as I tried to hide her from my Kindergarteners! THANK YOU FOR HELPING US MAKE LASTING MEMORIES FOR OUR KIDDOS! - Maiv

"They came to our school for high interest day. They brought more animals than promised. They were prompt and very prepared. Also very clean. I would highly recommend asking them to come to your school. Very afforadale as well. Thank you, GEE Funny Farm, for all that you did for our students. I will definitely be visiting your farm soon." - Carrie

"I have used GEE Funny Farm the past two years as I have planned our Surprise Stops ...and I plan to use them again for future events. If you are looking for not just a petting zoo for your next event, but also an educational experience for your children, Kathy and Dave do an amazing job going above and beyond. Both of them take their business very seriously and I am impressed year in and year out with the amount of research they do to prepare for this event to make sure they make their animals are relevant to the theme of the year while also making it fun for the children. Along with the great performance, I have not once had to worry about them not showing up and being on time. Overall I would give Dave, Kathy, and GEE Funny Farm 2 thumbs WAY UP, and I encourage you to use them for your next event." - Shawn, activity director

Pricing is based on number of animals, size of animals, length of time of the event, whether it is a weekday or Saturday, how many handlers we provide, and other factors.

Typical educational events AT YOUR LOCATION start at $450 for up to 1.5 hours with 5-7 small/medium sized animals and two handlers.

AT THE FARM, educational events are $10 a person with a minimum charge of $150 on weekdays. On Saturdays, it is $12 per person with a minimum charge of $200 -  We have a presentation and a hayride. Groups often bring lunches or snacks. People are usually here 2-3 hours.

Every event is different -- we'd love to talk about your situation and provide a customized quote for you!

What People Have Said:

Educational Events

If you want to enrich your participants lives, learn about new animals, talk about what in books is fact or fiction, learn how animals are useful to us, the care of animals, or safe practices around animals, we love to research and share! We love to learn from the participants, too. We believe learning is a life-long and fun process!

 We start set-up 30-60 minutes early, depending on animals and set-up requirements. We clean up as we go and stay and conclude cleanup afterwards. We’ve had 20 animals inside a building and been invited back – our clean-up is that good!

GEE Funny Farm can help you meet Wisconsin Educational Standards, contact us...

Agricultural Education (for example)

  • Understanding that food and fiber originate from...animals.  (ask for GEE Our Animal Helpers)
  • Demonstrating safe practices around...animals.   (ask for GEE Safe Practices Around Animals)
  • Understanding the basic care of...animals.  (ask for GEE Safe Practices Around Animals, GEE Critter Care)
  • Identifying  potential health concerns resulting from transmission of diseases between animals and humans.  (ask for GEE  Safe Practices Around Animals, specify zoonoses).

Language Arts (for example)

  • Using effective reading strategies to achieve their purposes in reading.  (ask for GEE Fact or Fiction)
  • Reading, interpreting, and critically analyzing literature.   (ask for GEE Fact or Fiction)