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Cultivating Your Critter I.Q.

GEE Funny Farm makes appointments at the farm March through October, Monday through Saturday.  The first appointment can be at 10 am and the last one at 5 pm. CLOSED SUNDAYS (we don't have activities at the farm and we don't travel).

We suggest groups of 12-20 for the best prices and optimal time per person.

We can also come to you. We will travel up to ONE hour ONE way. 

At this time, we can't accept credit cards, except through Your company check, your money order, or your cash works. (Your personal check works for the deposit). Thanks.

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(but come by appointment only)

We are not set-up for drop-ins.  Sorry.

We DO NOT accept credit cards at this time (unless you go through - cash or your company check works  - thanks.

CLOSED SUNDAYS (no activities at the farm and we don't travel to you)

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