Judith the Nubian/LaMancha cross

​(sometimes you can milk her)

Mary the Patagonian mara

Levi the short-tailed opossum


Nephi the Huacaya alpaca

Lydia, our Southern flying squirrel

Eunice the emu

Pick a chicken or two (and sometimes a rooster)

Paul the hedgehog

Isaac and Asimov, the parrots

Chicks, goslings, ducklings, and poults are all in the small animal category, when they are available.

Cultivating Your Critter I.Q.

These are animals we rarely use in presentations, but you might see them on the hayride

at GEE Funny Farm, plus you may see some small and medium sized animals not used in the presentation.

Small Animals that Travel

(we can pack them into our pickup, we don't need a trailer)....

Medium Animals that Travel

(we don't need a trailer)....

Large Animals that Travel

(we DO need a trailer)....

GEE Funny Farm Animals

Some animals travel and some don't.  Some animals are used in presentations and some animals are only seen on the GEE Funny Farm Hayride.  Any animals that travel may be used in presentations on the Farm.  Here are our animals.

Animals that Travel

(they can also be seen when you visit the Farm)

Gid the Boer cross goat (2004-2015)

Clancy the Bennett wallaby (2000-2014)

Shadrach the prairie dog (2002-2011)

Mercer the barn cat

MacCaffrey the Shetland ewe

Keturah the Navajo churro sheep

Aramis the mini horse (38")

Priscilla the Nigerian dwarf goat

Neum the Julianna mini pig

Sariah the goose

Linus the bearded dragon

Animals That Stay Home 

These are animals you can only see at GEE Funny Farm.  

They are not good travelers or they need a special area for interaction.

Persis the ball python

​(she is only a year old, so not so big)

Lizzy the bearded dragon


Naomi the LaMancha cross goat

Noah the chinchilla

D'Artagnan the mini horse (28")

Boaz the Flemish giant bunny

Peacocks and/or peahens

Animals We Have Loved and Lost

Tabitha the Bennett wallaby


Dorcas and Erastus the emus

Hosea the Suri alpaca

Watch for additional animals in the future...

Abinadi the llama

Moses the mini donkey (36")

 Athos the Quarter horse


Cornelius the pygmy cross buck

Abish the 2-toed sloth

Abel the babydoll sheep

a heritage turkey

Animals in Training

Kids (baby goats) and lambs are in the medium animal category, when they are available.

We work hard with our veterinarians to keep our animals healthy, but sometimes they still pass away due to health issues or old age.  It is always difficult because we love them. 

Shiloh the cherry head tortoise

Shiblon the Angora goat

Porthos the Percheron cross

Liahona the llama

Gabriel the Shetland sheep

Zipporah the Nubian goat


Premium Animals

This is a new category with animals that people don't often get to interact with. They require larger travel cages, and/or

special equipment, and, sometimes, special environments. and cost extra...but they are worth it!

Jude the LaMancha goat

 Obadiah the Oberhasli goat


Abish the green aracari (2008-2015)

Omni the sugar glider

(Omni can sometimes visit indoor facilities)