GEE Funny Farm  

Skull Identification

Participants have the opportunity to identify whether an animal is an herbivore, a carnivore, or an omnivore by looking at the teeth. Then, they can try to identify the animal.  Some of the skulls (or replicas) we have are prairie dog, llama, coyote, domestic cat, bobcat, emu, turkey, and more. 

GEE Funny Farm Animal Family Beanbag Toss Game

A boy cat is a Tom, a girl cat is a Queen, and a baby cat is called a kitten. A group of cats is a litter or a clutter.  What about horses, rabbits, cows, ducks, and more?

Test your knowledge AND your throwing skills! Toss your beanbag into the correct 'hole' of the animal.

GEE Funny Farm Activities

Besides learning about and meeting animals, there are activities that are animal related that we have available.

  My daughter is so proud of her felted project.

  She has framed it and hung it in her room." -  


GEE Funny Farm Feather Print Shirts

Participants have the opportunity to use feathers that have been collected when our birds are molting to print feather-shapes on our T-shirt.  The process takes about an hour and has been done successfully by a 3-year-old with adult assistance.

GEE Funny Farm 

Track Matching Game

Here is an opportunity for trackers to match the animal tile to the animal track!

Are you looking at a horse hoof print, a hedgehog track, a goose's webfeet, or a llama hoof?  Test your tracking skills with our matching game!

GEE Funny Farm  

Egg Matching Game

Participants have the opportunity to try to match a picture of a bird to the egg it might have laid.  The possibilities include an ostrich, an emu, a turkey, a hummingbird, and many more.  

GEE Funny Farm Wet Felting Activity

Participants have the opportunity to make felt from wool. The process takes up to 3 hours and involves rubbing, beating, folding, tossing, and playing with wet, soapy wool until it felts.

This has been done successfully with 8-year-olds and older.  It is best to have warm weather for this activity.

Cultivating Your Critter I.Q.

GEE Funny Farm Needle Felting

Needle felting involves 'sewing' without thread.  Needle felting can be used to make 'stuffed animals,' wall hangings, clothing, and more!  We will be making a design on a flat piece of felt.

We have a variety of cookie cutters available for designs, or design your own!

Participants use a SHARP needle to push wool into felt.  Children need a permission slip to participate.  This activity has been done by children as young as     8-years-old.