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Presentations, Books for Fact or Fiction, Mother Goose and friend,...

Family events


Great Educational Experiences, LLC (operating as GEE Funny Farm)
w300 s5721 State Road 83 Mukwonago WI 53149  USA

Mondays through Saturdays

​By appointment only

We don't work  on Sundays! We made the decision to have Sundays available for worship and our family. Thanks!

Great Educational Experiences, LLC, is a Mom and Pop (well, actually, a Grandma and Grandpa) company.  We want you to have a Great Educational Experience!!   More than a petting zoo, GEE Funny Farm provides an educational program at our farm or at your location. 


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Community events and Corporate events

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​​​Educational events

Cultivating Your Critter I.Q.

Schools, home school groups, preschools, camps, retirement homes...

Birthdays, graduations, wedding receptions, groups of friends,...